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Are you looking for a Conveyancer in Cape Town? We can assist you with:

Registration of property transfers:
  • We offer full support in the buying and selling of property
  • We provide you with an Offer to Purchase property in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa, tailored to you specific transaction
  • Legal advice to the Seller /Purchaser and Agent

Registration of new or further bonds:
  • Our firm is on the bond registration panel of the major retail banks
  • We assist with the sourcing of bonds and further loans
  • We advise and guide the client on all matters up to and including the registration of the bond

Selling your property

Our attorney will come to you!

BCA will send an attorney, to your home or place of work, to assist you with the signing of your deal as well as the transfer documents. In this way you are not inconvenienced when doing the paperwork behind your transaction to sell your property. The attorney will also be able to give you general advice on all aspects surrounding the deal, Capital Gains Tax, Estate Planning, litigation etc..
The seller chooses the attorney

With the sale of property, it is the Seller of the property who chooses the attorney to attend to the transfer of the property. So if you download our Offer to Purchase and appoint our firms as your conveyancer, you are assured of speedy professional service to safeguard your interests in the sale of your property.

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What is conveyancing?

When you decide to sell your property you need an Offer to Purchase (find our downloadable Offer to Purchase above). Both the Seller and the Purchaser are required to sign this document in terms of our law. This is the contract between the Seller and Purchaser which will form the basis of sale of the property.

An attorney is appointed in the Offer to Purchase, who will ensure that the Purchaser complies with all of the formalities. The attorney will also guide the Seller to ensure that the Seller complies with the formalities which are required. The attorney will ensure that the purchase price for the property is secured from the Purchaser before the transfer of ownership can take place. Upon the payment of the purchase price and compliance with certain formalities, the transfer of ownership is registered in the Deeds Office. The attorney co-ordinates the entire process while safe-guarding the Seller's interests.

Be cautious when using your estate agent's preferred attorney

If you give your estate agent the discretion to appoint the attorney, the agent will appoint an attorney with whom they have a standing relationship. The danger with this arrangement lies in the fact that the attorney is extremely loyal to the agent since the agent is a source of work for that attorney. This creates an ethical dilemma for the attorney in this position, since the attorney may be more inclined to look out for the interests of the agent before looking after their client's (the Seller) interests. The attorney may not wish to point out errors made by the agent, in an effort to protect their source of work. In a dispute, the attorney will often withdraw as your attorney rather than act against the agent, which is entirely unhelpful to the Seller.

The Seller should exercise his/her independent right to appoint the attorney, to be assured of the fact that their legal interests are safe guarded.
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