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Our firm assists companies around the world who are seeking to raise capital for projects. We draft the contracts and instruments required to raise the capital for the projects, through Corporate Bonds. Corporate Bonds are becoming an attractive method by which companies may raise capital for projects while providing a return for investors.

Our services include the origination and drafting of the Power of Attorney, the Corporate Bond, Sale of Shares agreement, the Trustee Agreement and registration of the Corporate Bond where applicable.

We further offer services as Trustee to the indenture, to ensure that the investor and your company reach the intended objectives behind both the project and the indenture.

What is a Corporate Bond?:
“A corporate bond is a type of debt security that is issued by a firm and sold to investors. The company gets the capital it needs and in return the investor is paid a pre-established number of interest payments at either a fixed or variable interest rate. When the bond expires, or "reaches maturity," the payments cease, and the original investment is returned.”

144-A Corporate Bonds and Regulation S Bonds:
Rule 144-A Corporate Bonds are private placement offered in the United States for U.S. investors, whereas Regulation S Bonds are not offered, sold or delivered in the USA, but are offered to International investors.

Green Bonds:
“A recent development in corporate finance is the use of corporate green bonds—that is, bonds whose proceeds are committed to finance environmental and climate-friendly projects, such as renewable energy, green buildings, or resource conservation.”
Pardee School of Global Studies/Boston University

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